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An internship is a monitored work or service program designed to provide practical experience in an occupation or profession. An internship offers a student the chance to learn and discover different elements within any field of interest. An internship can be the deciding factor that best predicts if this area is something you would be interested in pursuing as a future career choice.

Not all but some interns have the opportunity to be hired full-time at the end of their term. An internship will also strengthen your working skills, build your resume, increase your marketability and expand your network to gain professional references.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, internships are employers’ number one method of recruiting new hires. Employers take many things into consideration when hiring for jobs:  academic background, professionalism, experience (including work, internship and volunteer) and demeanor during an interview. Most employers are looking for candidates who can express why they want to work at their company and how they can help their company. An experienced intern has an advantage in this hiring situation.

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