Residence Life: Welcome home!

More than 70 percent of our traditional students live on campus in one of eleven residence halls or student apartments. This is where much of the community life and social involvement on campus occurs. Read more about our residence halls.

Milligan's residence halls are designed to encourage greater independence as our students progress through their college years. At the same time, there is a strong focus on learning to live in a community with others. We like to think of your four years here as part of your own journey to independence.

All rooms at Milligan are suite-style with private bathrooms shared by no more than four people. Each room or apartment is furnished with an appropriate number of standard single beds, mattresses, desks, dressers, chairs, and closets. All beds can be stacked into bunk beds if desired (do not bring a loft). Within certain guidelines, you are encouraged to make your room a comfortable living environment. You may bring plants, posters, chairs, small tables, etc. See the Student Handbook for complete guidelines about housing.

All residence halls at Milligan are single-gender. There are a variety of open hours throughout the week but dorms are closed to the opposite sex at all other times.

The Residence Hall staff maintains and promotes all areas of student development within the residence halls. Each Residence Hall has a Resident Director (RD) and Resident Assistants (RA) on staff to help residents with academic, housing, and personal problems, and to provide leadership, supervision, and programming for students.

To assist their efforts and to promote a thriving living environment, it is important for all residents to agree to live within certain guidelines. Each student is responsible for reading and being familiar with all college regulations, including those in the Milligan College Student Handbook and the College Catalog.

Laundry facilities are located on the lower levels of Hart, Sutton, Webb, and Williams Halls. All washers and dryers use special debit cards that may be purchased from the campus Bookstore. Value may be added to the cards at anytime using the Wash Card machine in Sutton and Webb lobbies.

Room Assignment

New student room requests arrive throughout the school year and are handled on a first come, first serve basis. Upperclassmen have the choice of rooms for the next year, so no assignments are made for new students before the end of the preceding semester. If your request comes in early enough, you will be notified as to which residence hall you have been assigned by the first week in July. However, due to last minute changes in students' plans, you may not be informed of your specific roommate until arriving on campus. If you have requested to room with a certain student, every effort will be made to honor that request, and that request will take priority over residence hall choice. In other words, if you wish to live with an acquaintance and there are no double rooms available in the residence hall you prefer, we will place you both in another hall if there is a double room available there.

Married Student Housing

A limited number of college-owned apartments are available for married students. Additional information and application forms may be obtained from Ann Easter in the Student Development Office, 423.461.8760. Click here to download an application.

Off-Campus Living

All students at Milligan College must live on campus unless they have been pre-approved by the Office of Student Development to live off-campus. To qualify, students must fulfill one of the following requirements:

All students who plan to live off campus must 1) fulfill one of the above requirements, 2) complete the Off Campus Living Request form and 3) receive approval prior to making any off-campus living arrangements.


Vehicles on Campus

The use of a vehicle on campus is a privilege extended to the college community. Each motorized vehicle must be registered by the Student Development Office at the time you register for classes or in the Student Development Office after registration. Please have the following information when you register: license tag/plate number, color, make, model, and year of your vehicle(s). $100 fine for not registering vehicle or not displaying sticker.

Each vehicle driven/parked on campus must be registered. Operators of these vehicles are expected to learn and follow the driving/parking policies on campus (outlined in the Student Handbook). Violators of these policies are subjecting themselves to significant fines and loss of vehicle privileges. Fines range from $20 to $100 and will be placed on the student's account. Receiving more than ten tickets a semester can result in the loss of driving privileges on campus. See the Student Handbook for complete details and guidelines.


Milligan College would like you, as a commuter student, to feel at home on your campus. You are encouraged to participate in all aspects of college life. Some of the services available include a meal plan designed for those who are on campus only at certain times, study/lounge areas for those unable to return home between classes and representation on the Student Government Association (SGA).