Church Relations

Throughout its history, Milligan College has maintained an active relationship with the community of churches which emerged from the Stone-Campbell movement of the 19th century -- a religious community committed to the restoration of New Testament Christianity and the unity of all believers.

As a Christian liberal arts college dedicated to academic excellence and the education of the Christian leaders of tomorrow, Milligan depends on the annual financial support provided by its partner churches. In addition to financial support, churches partner with Milligan through prayer, encouragement and by assisting in the recruitment of potential students. In this section, we have outlined some of the resources available to our partner churches and some additional useful information about the college and its role in developing the ministers, missionaries, and church leaders of tomorrow.

Office of Church Relations

The mission of the Milligan College Office of Church Relations is to establish and strengthen mutually beneficial relationships between the college and the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. Please contact Kit Dotson, Associate Director of Church Relations, for more information or to schedule any of the following opportunities for Milligan to be represented within your church.

Church Support

Every year, there is a significant gap between the amount provided by tuition – tuition covers only 70 percent of the cost of operating the college – and the amount needed to fund the college's programs. The portion of the gap that needs to be met with gift income each year is $1.3 million. With enrollment levels at record highs and an urgent sense of calling to meet the leadership needs of society, the need for financial assistance from Milligan's supporting churches is more significant than ever before.

Why do churches provide financial support to Milligan College?

For more information about your church establishing a partnership for the support of Christian education at Milligan, please contact Phyllis Fox or Kit Dotson.