Mission & Vision

As a Christian liberal arts college, Milligan College seeks to honor God by educating men and women to be servant-leaders.

Milligan College offers programs of study leading to undergraduate or graduate degrees. These programs have as their objectives the following: 

A Positive, Personal Christian Faith That Jesus is Lord and Savior 

The expression “Jesus is Lord and Savior” is to be understood in its historical, biblical significance. Jesus, the Man of Nazareth, is God's Son, therefore, both Savior and Lord of Life. The attainment of positive, personal Christian faith means the commitment of one's life to this Jesus.

A Commitment to Follow the Teachings of the Christian Scripture in One's Personal and Social Ethics
This commitment involves a recognition of the norms of human conduct that derive their sanction from the Christian faith.

The Capacity to Recognize and Assume Responsibility in Society
The main functions of education are to arouse within the individual an awareness of indebtedness to one's fellow human beings, to foster in each a desire to assume personal responsibility, and to prepare the individual to fulfill his or her obligation to society.

The Knowledge, Meaning, and Application of Sound Scholarship
The student is led to develop a respect and enthusiasm for sound scholarship and to seek it with diligence and perseverance.

Preparation for Securing an Enriched Quality of Life for Self and Family
Courses of study and campus life are designed to develop the quality of aesthetic appreciation, to provide a background in the liberal arts, and to lead to the selection of a field of interest which will provide opportunities for a fulfilling life.

Participation in the Activities of a Healthy Lifestyle
This may be accomplished through intramural and intercollegiate sports, residence hall living, campus fellowship, and other student activities.


In endeavoring to achieve its Mission, Milligan College sets forth the following goals:

  • Students will express the importance of their faith and the impact of Christian Scriptures in activities such as the following: written and oral discussions, participation in communities of faith, involvement in Bible studies, and faith-inspired service.
  • Students will demonstrate social responsibility in numerous ways, such as serving in churches, on the mission field (domestic and foreign), and with social agencies; mentoring, nurturing, and protecting others; and displaying increased understanding of and experience with other cultures.
  • Students will demonstrate sound scholarship through their ability to read and think analytically and critically, to communicate clearly and effectively, to evidence knowledge and competencies in the liberal arts and the natural and social sciences, and to understand a significant body of material in their major fields of study.
  • Students will gain an enriched quality of life through awareness of health issues, appreciation for both the arts and sciences, stewardship of resources, and preparation for graduate studies and a rewarding career or profession.
  • Students will participate in the activities of a healthy lifestyle such as intramurals, intercollegiate sports, musical and theatrical groups, student clubs, student government, and other campus-sponsored extracurricular endeavors, in preparation for life-long participation in similar activities.
  • Students, faculty, staff, and administration will create a responsible and caring community by giving attention to the needs and concerns of one another.